FAQ: Moustache Wax?

Oh most assuredly. I brew my own moustache wax in the microwave using a blend of beeswax and petroleum jelly. Start off with a 50%/50% mix. Nuke for a minute, attempt to stir, nuke a bit more until it’s homoegenous. Won’t take long. For cooler months, add a bit more petroleum jelly to keep it workable at room temperatures. In warmer times, add a bit more beeswax for body. The aroma is quite pleasant under the nose. I use an old quilted glass jelly jar. To apply, just rub your thumb around the surface with enough pressure to liquify some of the wax, then twirl the tips of your ‘stach while contemplating dastardly actions. Repeat using the other thumb and the other moustache tip. I also apply a bit to the center and work it with a fine toothed comb.