My Daily Rituals

I perform a fair amount of magick on a regular basis and this post, the first of several, is about the weird woo-woo I do on a daily. My inspiration comes from a teacher of mine, Andrieh Vitimus, who sponsors these 30 day magical challenges to encourage folks to actually “do the goddam magick,” as he frequently exhorts, every dammed day for a whole month. The results of diligent practice are staggering. I have benefitted from several of these month-long challenges. Though I am not officially participating in this month, flipping the calendar is a good opportunity to catalogue my crazy.

Some of the daily magick I perform is knit into everyday activities. By investing those tasks with a little extra intention, I underline a meaning I am willing into the world. For instance, when I take a crap, I consciously recite: “I release that which no longer serves.” When I take a shower, I consciously cleanse away all stray energy from the past day or that might have attached to me during my dream travels. I use an organic peppermint soap with gives a bit of a tingle, a “magical” delight. Some folks say a brief blessing before their meals, imbuing their food with a quality that they then consciously ingest and thus “invoke.” I try to do something similar at work, usually a for bit of peace, since I find it too easy to grab a bite while typing messages.

Other bits of my daily practice are more out there. I do a three-card tarot reading to prepare me for the kinds of energy I’ll need for the day. I record the results in a journal, which I think is ESSENTIAL. Without plans and records, magick becomes wishful thinking and dangerous self-delusion. If I sense that a certain card has been popping up regularly, I can consult my record and determine if the data agrees. Then I journal for a few moments about what the spread or pattern might mean. I eventually want to put this data in a spreadsheet to see if any larger patterns emerge. (I am so very sure I’ll have the extra time to do this Any Day Now /sarcasm.) Since I’m sure someone will ask, I use a Rider-Waite-Smith deck for the “light” side of the year since I find that imagery clear and direct and I use a Valenza “Deviant Moon” deck for the “dark side” since I find that imagery more dreamy.

Since the 2016 election, I also draw a card for the nation. I use a very experimental deck for this draw, the Hexen 2.0 deck. It is as much a conceptual art project as it is an oracle since the deck references political, technological and cultural figures. This particular deck was a demo, which means that it was handled by many different hands, picking up tray bits of many people’s energy. This communal power is important for the political readings I’m doing with the deck. I must confess I am having a hard time warming to this oracle. I am unfamiliar with many of the figures on the cards — which is shocking since I consider myself rather hip to alternative thought. This daily practice is building “mojo” for a larger-scale political working, likely to occur on July 4th.

Most days, I also perform the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram. I took a workshop about this ritual at Convocation 2016 and found it so powerful, I took a refresher course in summer of 2016. I have performed it most days since July with only a handful of exceptions. This daily repetition has created a great sense of comfort and lent an intensity to the visualizations and in response, I have personalized the ritual more than a bit. My reflections on the LBRP are many and deserve their own post. Your Mileage Will Most Assuredly Vary.

Though I perform other bits of intentional energy work several times a week, so frequently they are *almost* daily, these are the core of my essential everyday practice. The particular items on this list change over time. For instance, I used to track the phases of the moon by moving a crystal ball across my dresser top altar. When I started hosting a monthly Fire Ceremony on each full moon, this daily task seemed a little redundant. Though I may stop a specific practice, I am ALWAYS doing SOMETHING MAGICK every day. And I encourage you to do the same. Try some magick every day for a month. If you need support in this work, check out Andrieh Vitimus’ Magical30. And if you’re up for a real challenge, take his Shapeshifting 365 class for some truly staggering transformations in your life.