Penguicon 2015
Penguicon is the circus I would run away to join… though I also say that about Theatre Bizarre. I’m all over that celebration of hacking the source code of life.

— I podcast about Penguicon 2015 highlights at DailyNightmare:

AND about completely different highlights at 20minuteGarden.

— I assisted my partner Janice in a presentation about “Conflict in the Garden” — and no, we didn’t play “The Trees” by Rush.

— I paneled about Speculative Poetry with Matt Betts, Nicole Castle and Trico Ludkins (of SourcePoint Press) … and later read my poem “Solstice 2014” at a Poetry Jam.

— Moderated the “Dealing with Rejection” panel, with Steven Saus (of Alliteration Ink) Sarah Hans, Patty Templeton, Skeeter Enright, Rachael Acks and Ken MacGregor.

— “You got SciFi in my…” with Charlie Jane Anders, Patty Templeton and Matt Betts

• CONfusion 2015
I sat on panels with:
Kameron Hurley, Saladin Ahmed, Scott H. Andrews (of Beneath Ceaseless Skies) and Michael J. DeLuca. And I learned the real meaning of “bar con.”

• “Calling the Tune,” “A Fluke Encounter” and “A Late Supper” three 250-word stories, performed at the Raw Dog Screaming Press Writer’s Retreat, Hocking Hills, 6 December 2014. I also blogged about this WONDERFUL retreat.

• CONtext 27, 2014

• “Intervention” performed at Context 27, “Flash Fiction Contest” 27 September, 2014, Columbus, OH. For my efforts, I won a hard bound copy of Streets of Shadows, that cool noir urban fantasy anthology by Alliteration Ink. Double-plus good was that I got many of the contributors to sign it at the convention.


• “Indeterminacy as a Compositional Tool: Tarot Cards and Writing” Penguicon 2014. Also viewable on Youtube: (I also sat on several panels where I said many things I thought were clever at the time.)

• “Mood and Setting in Scary Stories” (Non-Fiction) presented at the Ann Arbor Public Library-Mallet’s Creek Branch, Sunday December 8th, 2013, with the Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers/Three Corpse Circus.
— I’ll post the text of this presentation real soon. I promise.