‘Til Death: the Horrors and Happy-Every-Afters of a Long Relationship, a book of dark love poetry, co-written with Janice Leach, (Raw Dog Screaming Press, 2017)

• “Flora and Fauna,” a poem about werewolves in spring, was published in the HWA Poetry Showcase II, 2015.

“Packing Foam,” my weird tale, was published at Daily Science Fiction, appropriately enough on Friday 13, Febr 2015.

“Hard Truth,” HellNotes, Horror in a Hundred, 15 December 2014. (100 words about work day horror)

• “The Laughter of Dead Children” (Poem/Sentimental Nihilism) Grim Corps II, October 2013.
— I blogged about this publication, here:

• “Changed” (100-word Prose Poem/Lycanthrope Woes) 13 Quick Shivers from, October 2013.
— I blogged about this publication, here:
— This poem was also adapted for a promotional video which can be seen here:

• “Crawlspace” (Short Story/Home Improvement Horror) in Eerie Tales: Dreadful Delusions, 2012. Available HERE:
— Eerie Tales is a annual benefit anthology produced by the Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers that supports a literacy project run by nuns. Can even you GET more wholesome than that?

• “Not Entertaining” in Necrotic Tissue, January 2011 (100-word prose poem/zombie-oriented domestic comedy)

• “Pisser” in Necrotic Tissue, October 2009 (100-word prose poem/unfortunate metamorphosis)

• “Bent” in AlienSkin, June/July 2009 (paranormal romance gone awry)

• “A Public Relations Nightmare” in Necrotic Tissue, January 2009  (100-word prose poem / economic impact of the zombie apocalypse)

• “Baptist” (Full-length Musical/A Singing, Dancing Beheaded Prophet), won the Christians in Theatre Arts National Playwriting Contest in 1997 and was given a full production at Spring Arbor University, Spring Arbor, MI in November, 2008.
— Equal parts Oscar Wilde’s Salomé and Bertolt Brecht’s Caucasian Chalk Circle with a dollop of Grand Guignol late in Act Two.

• “Local History” (Poem/Conjectures about a Lightly Haunted House) Old West Side News, May 2005

• “That Delicious Torture, Love” (One-Act Comedy/Lover’s Revenge) produced by Heartlande Theatre as part of Play-by-Play Festival in April, 1999

• “Two Coffees, Black” a one-act play was produced by Heartlande Theatre as part of Play-by-Play Festival and re-mounted as part of the Playscape 1997 Festival in June, 1997  (teen suicide and soda shops)

• “seconds” (Poem/The Brother of the Prodigal Son) in Christianity and Literature, 1995

• Safe Passage (One act drama/Father Abraham explains it all), commissioned for and produced at the conference “An Ethos of Compassion and the Integrity of Creation,” Toronto, ON, 1992.

• “Fixtures and the Box They Came In,” (Full-length drama/ Communication Technology vs. Communication), commission for and produced at the conference “The Sound of Silence,” Niagra-on-the-Lake, ON, commissioned for the ICS Family Conference
August 1990

Instructive Ambiguities: Brecht and Müller’s Experiments with Lehrstücke, Master’s Thesis. 1992. pp. 156 plus notes. Text available here.
— I remain proud of this bit of pious juvenalia, not just for the scholarship but also the weirdo typography of text, marginal gloss and footnote, an attempt at a dialoguic text. Dig particularly page 6!

• “Collection,” (one-act drama/garbage and redemption), first produced by Trinity House Theatre, Livonia, MI