FAQ: The Banner Photo

Nope, it’s not a stock photo. The banner photo at the top of “Troubled Cosmos” is a panorama I took myself using my iPhone and a cool app called “PhotoSynth.” It stitches together panorama photos on the fly. I took the photo standing in the parking lot where I work. I chose it as the banner photo because it expresses a lot of my “worldview,” if I can use such a fusty old word. There is a strip of human activity at the bottom, the powerlines, the radio tower, even a “Stop” sign lurking in the lower right. But dwarfing this ribbon of humanity is the grand horizon of clouds and sky, of impending dark and the merest glow and glint of light, forces that for all we know are engaged in their own economies and interactions entirely oblivious to our struggles. If it had a caption, I’d quote Puck from A Midsummer’s Night Dream “What fools these mortals be.”