In his alt-personna of “Doktor Leech the Leech Doctor,” Jim regularly posts videos to Youtube to celebrate bits of culture that delights him. Mostly these subjects can be charted on a Venn diagram of “Midwest” + “Highbrow” + “Horror or Weird or Occult.”

Have you created something weird, creepy, odd or occult that is a cut above the average, perhaps one with some connection to the areas surrounding the American Great Lakes? Pitch your project to Jim. (jfl — at — There is a fairly good chance that he will BUY a copy. And if he likes your thing, he very well might make a video about it.

Why doesn’t the Doktor accept free stuff? Watch the Review Policy but in short:
— You are a creative artist and you deserve to be paid for your work. However, you also need to learn how to pitch your work to a potential customer. Sell me on the wonders of your work.
— Frankly, Jim is a snob. He really doesn’t like very much. One thing he REALLY doesn’t like is negativity and crap, so he ONLY posts about things that excite him.

Some of my VERY FAVORITE videos are here:

A hand carved bear skull:

3-D portraits of The Doktor and Elsa taken at Theatre Bizarre:

A Library Tour

a collection of Creepy and Eerie magazine I won at auction: